Our Research


    The Chemistry Building in Freiburg



  42  years: 1964-2005

    4  locations: München, Marburg, Madison, Freiburg

    4  main subjects: Maingroup Chemistry

                                  Cluster Chemistry

                                  Electron Transfer

                                  Zinc Chemistry

  75  doctoral students

  24  review articles

466  publications

                                            Chemistry is a romance, for most of us with varying love affairs. My two main passions were:



                                                In between these two my two minor passions had their active and their silent periods:

Electron Transfer
Public Understanding

                                        In the end we had worked our way through almost the complete periodic table:

Mein PS


 1. Thesis work 1965-1967

    Boron Chemistry

 2. Habilitation 1968-1972

     Main Group Chemistry

 3. M-M Bonds  1969-1991

     Cluster Chemistry

  4. Polymetallic 1978-2003

     Electron Transfer

 5. At last: 1988-2005

    Zinc Chemistry  


Main Group Chemistry: Synthesis, structural, spectroscopic and bonding investigation of small molecule compounds of boron, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur. Isoelectronic relations. Exploitation of sulfur, phosphorus and arsenic synthons in the construction of polymetallic compounds.

Metal-Metal Bonds and Clusters: New metal carbonyls. Synthesis and structural chemistry of heterometallic clusters. Cluster chirality. Metal exchange. Interconversions of organic substrates in the ligand sphere of di- and trinuclear complexes as models for catalytic processes.

Electron Transfer Systems: Synthesis and redox investigations of polynuclear complexes. Cyanide-linked arrays of ET-active metal centres. Electrochemistry, metal-metal charge transfer, structural and spectroscopic consequences of cyanide/isocyanide linkage isomerism and of electron transfer.

Zinc Chemistry: Coordination chemistry of zinc related to its biological functions: synthesis, solid state and solution structures, thermodynamic data, reactivities, mechanistic and catalytic investigations. Models for zinc-containing proteases, phosphatases, lactamases, thiolate transferases, alcohol dehydrogenase, carbonic anhydrase and nucleic acid constituents.

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